Investment Europe interviews Horos AM: "We eat what we cook"

23 of July 2018

On the same date that Spring arrived, Spain’s private equity firm Qualitas Equity Group launched Horos Asset Management, in which it owns a stake consisting of individual investments made by every partner of Qualitas who manages their own money.

Horos’ investment team – led by Javier Ruiz working with portfolio managers Alejandro Martín and Miguel Rodríguez- comes from Metagestión, as does the firm’s CEO and partner José María Concejo. At Metagestión they applied the same investment philosophy currently used, for a period of six years; the formula worked to the extent that the Metavalor fund, managed until recently by the investor trio, gained 15.7% annualised over five years.

Born with a long-term view and linked to the value investment philosophy, the firm takes its name from the etymological origin of the word “horos”, which means horizon, and which was used by the Greeks to refer to the limit where heaven and earth seemed to come together.