Investor Relations

Investor Ombudsman

Horos Asset Management SGIIC has a Customer Ombudsman whose role is described in our Customer Ombudsman Regulation – which we recommend you read. It regulates the activity of the Customer Ombudsman as well as the procedure for presenting and processing claims and complaints

Once a claim is made to the Customer Ombudsman, if a response has not been satisfactory or if two months have passed since the presentation of the claim without any response being received, the client can notify the CNMV INVESTOR SERVICE OFFICE, located at C/Edisón 4, 28006 Madrid.

omplaints and claims should initially be addressed to the head of the Customer Care Service at Horos Asset Management SGIIC, S.A.U.:

Juan Pablo del Río Arranz

Tel. 91 737 09 15
Fax. 91 737 06 63
Calle Núñez de Balboa 120, 2º Izquierda, 28006 Madrid