Letter to our co-investors 3Q21

11 November of 2021 

Dear co-investor,

The positive stock market performance that began at the end of 2020 continued during the third quarter. This period was characterized by a strong rebound in inflation, as a result of major bottlenecks that have emerged in various industries. Our portfolios are prepared for an inflationary environment such as the current one and benefited from it. Horos Value Internacional gained 3.5% over the quarter and is up 33.6% in 2021, compared to 1.2% and 17.3%, respectively, in its benchmark index. Horos Value Iberia gained 1.7% over the quarter and is up 20.4% for the year, beating the gains of 1.4% and 11.3%, respectively, of its benchmark. Since inception of the Horos funds (May 21, 2018), Horos Value Internacional has returned 17.0% and Horos Value Iberia 4.9%. Since 2012, the international portfolio has returned 186%, while the Iberian portfolio 163%, compared to returns of 204% and 69% in their benchmark indices, respectively.

However, this quarter also saw the Chinese real estate sector begin a potential downturn, after years of strong growth in volumes and prices. Given the relevance of the Chinese economy in our portfolio (both directly and indirectly), I will devote this letter to explain the important regulatory changes announced by its government recently, how they fit into its economic growth model, what the current situation of the real estate sector is and how all of this impacts our investments.

Thank you for your confidence.

Yours sincerely,

Javier Ruiz, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Horos Asset Management

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